An Incomplete Message Produces an Incomplete Church

In my culture and context, an increasing number of people have given up on church because they have been hurt and/or disappointed by churches, church members, and church leaders.
Interestingly, many would like to go back to a church; if they could be guaranteed that they would not be hurt or disappointed so grievously again. They don’t expect it to be perfect; just not a constantly reoccurring train wreck.
But here is where this gets really interesting; they want to do church the same way it was done before, but with a different outcome.
They don’t realize that doing church the same old way is what caused it to be a raging dumpster fire that burned and hurt them.
In their mind, there is some magical way to continue to do the same things with a different outcome. Read more…

What If We’re Pagans Now?

In a couple of months, some candidates will win an election, and some will lose.
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Are You A Good Soldier?

As disciples of Jesus how should we invest our time and effort? Read more…