What If We Somehow Missed Some of the Most Important Things?

Sometimes we get questions as to what we are trying to accomplish as a church at His Words His Ways Fellowship. After all, in our immediate culture and context, there are a multitude of Bible-believing, Bible-teaching, Evangelical churches.
Why would we attempt to start another one?
Moreover, some of the things that we say and write can seem to be challenging and/or condemning to other believers and churches in the area. 
But, our purpose at His Words His Ways Fellowship is not to condemn, insult, or attack other believers, churches, or pastors.
Our purpose is simply to teach and obey the truth as found in Scripture.


“But We Don’t Want to Upset Anyone…” Part 2

In an earlier article, we wrote that believers and churches in the immediate culture and context of His Words His Ways Fellowship should understand and accept that Jesus stated that those that would follow and imitate Him as His disciples must be willing to sacrifice all in order to do so.
Furthermore, we argued that even though Evangelical believers and churches in our culture and context claim to teach that the Bible should be completely believed and obeyed; there is often a price that they are unwilling to pay in order to sacrifice all in order to obey and imitate Jesus as His disciples.


Questions to See if People Understand the 4 Principles of Discipleship…

I. What is ultimate end goal of the Gospel?

If they can’t answer cold, or if give a different answer, here are some multiple-choice answers:

  1. To save men’s eternal souls from damnation in Hell.
  2. For God to have a relationship with men.
  3. For men to bring glory to God by being re-conformed to the image of God that they were originally created to be.
  4. To usher in the Kingdom of God on Earth.
  5. To bring men into an eternal paradise.


While each answer is true, numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5 are a result of 3, which is the ultimate end goal of the Gospel.