As Straight Forward As We Can Possiblity Make It…

What is the purpose of man?
To bring glory to God.
How do men bring glory to God?
By being re-conformed to the image of God that they were originally created to be.
How are men re-conformed to the image of God they were created to be?Read more…
By being conformed to the image of Jesus (who is the perfect image of God).
How are men conformed to the image of Jesus?
By imitating Him as His disciple (through the supernatural empowerment and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit).
How do men imitate Jesus as His disciple?
By learning and then keeping His words, teachings, commands and example that He gave during His earthly ministry.
What then we must we first do in order to be a disciple of Jesus?
Learn His words, teachings, commands, and example as found in the Gospels.