A Serious Question for Biblical Conservatives…

I have a serious question for biblically conservative churches, pastors, and Christians…
If someone showed you clearly from Scripture that you were doing or teaching something that did not align with the Bible; or that you were failing to do or teach something that did line up with the Bible; would you do and teach whatever you absolutely had to in order to bring yourselves in line with Scripture?
For example, if you or your church were teaching a sexual ethic that was incongruent with Scripture; and you were clearly shown that it was; would you immediately change what you were teaching and doing?
Or, if you or your church were teaching a view of material wealth that was contrary to what Scripture teaches; and you were clearly shown that you were; would you quickly change what you were teaching?
If you consider yourselves to be biblical conservatives, I hope that you would. Otherwise, you wouldn’t actually be biblical conservatives. In fact, you would be no better than those who you condemn for taking a liberal approach to interpreting Scripture. The only difference would be that the liberals are at least honest about what they are doing.
The reason that I ask that question is because I believe that most people who claim to be biblical conservatives will teach and act according to Scripture in regards to many things; …but they will refuse to teach and act in accordance with Scripture when it comes to one of the most important concepts clearly taught in in the Bible:
…why and how we are to be disciples of Jesus.
The following four principles of being a disciple of Jesus are either not taught, incorrectly taught, or only partially taught in most of the biblically conservative churches in my culture and context. I have included the scriptural support references for each principle. If anyone has questions, comments, concerns, or rebukes about the scriptural references; I will post this on Facebook and you can either address them in the comments section, or you can message me privately.
Consider this a challenge. If you consider yourself to be a biblical conservative, either prove these principles wrong using Scripture; or begin to teach and do these things. Because in all honesty, I don’t believe anyone will step up and take the challenge…
…but I’m also hoping I’m wrong about that.
Here are the principles:
1. The Image of God as the Basis of Discipleship:
The ultimate goal of the Gospel is that men bring glory to God by being re-conformed to the image of God that they were originally created to be (Genesis 1:27, 1 Corinthians 11:7, Matthew 5:48, 2 Corinthians 3:18, Ephesians 4:22-24, 5:1, Colossians 3:9-10, 2 Peter 1:4).
2. The Purpose of Imitating Jesus as His Disciple:

The goal of men being re-conformed to the image of God is accomplished by men imitating Jesus, who is the perfect image of God, as His disciple; through the empowerment and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:29, 1 Corinthians 11:1, 15:49, 2 Corinthians 4:4, Galatians 2:20, Philippians 2:1-5, 3:7-11, Colossians 1:15, 1:28-29, 2:2-3, 2:9-10, 1 Thessalonians 1:6, 2 Timothy 3:12, Titus 3:4-6, Hebrews 1:3, 6:1, 12:1-3, James 1:2-4, 1 Peter 1:1-4, 2-21, 2 Peter 3:18, 1 John 2:6, 3:3, 4:17).

(Please take note that almost every book in the New Testament has a reference to being conformed to the image of either God or Jesus. This is not an obscure concept; it is one of the most commonly taught principles in the New Testament and therefore in the early church.)
3. The First Century, Biblical Understanding of Discipleship:
Imitating Jesus as His disciple begins (but does not end) with specifically learning and then keeping the words, teachings, commands, and example that He gave during His earthly ministry. It is simply impossible to imitate someone without knowing what they said and did (Matthew 7:24-29, 10:24-25, 11:25-30, 12:41-42, 13:16-17, 13:34-35, 17:5, 24:35; Mark 4:24-25, 4:33-34, 6:34, 8:38, 9:7, 13:31; Luke 6:46-49, 9:35, 10:24, 10:38-42, 11:31-32, 17:10, 19:47-48,  John 3:31-36, 4:25-26, 4:40-42, 5:24, 5:38-39, 5:46-47, 6:28-29, 6:63, 6:66-69, 8:31-32, 8:51, 9:26, 10:27, 12:48, 13:34-35, 14:12, 14:15, 14:23-26, 15:7-17, 15:20-24, 16:6-8).
4. Biblical Discipleship in a Relational Environment (Relational Discipleship):
Being conformed to the image of Jesus by imitating Him as His disciple is not a passive process, but an active/interactive process that occurs within a relational environment; which was established and demonstrated by Jesus during His earthly ministry (Mark 3:31-35, 4:34, Luke 10:38-42, Acts 2:42-47, 1 Corinthians 14:40, 2 Timothy 2:2).
Image by Emily Morter on Unsplash